GEomatics REsearch Diffusion and Innovation Society, GEREDIS - Spain


Address: Calle Mayor, 41. Albalat dels Sorells (46135) Valencia, SPAIN

Tel: (+34) 625064703



GEREDIS is a non-profit expert’s society that brings together researchers, academics and professionals from different fields of Geomatics Sciences, ICT and Energy with the aim of promoting the research, development, projects implementation and the diffusion of all these sciences and technologies applications especially in benefit of our societies, industries and environment.

Over the past five years, Geredis has been especially active in the field of Remote Sensing (satellite and airborned-UAV), GNSS solutions, GIS (geodata creation, design, management, and advanced analysis) having developed a wide range of applications in various fields such as agriculture, ecology and environment, mining and civil engineering, urban planning or sustainable tourism among others. Our team has proven experience in the design, implementation and management of complex cooperation projects in an international context.

Role and Involvement in the Project

Geredis is the Work Package-3 leader and is responsible for the coordination of the capitalization of results. This includes the development of a SWOT analysis for the replication of the project results in other countries and organizations in order to obtain project sustainability and capitalization after project is finished. Geredis will also participate in the rest of the work packages including implementation activities of the project, organization of specialized workshops and dissemination activities to general public and target organizations.

The Geredis participation in Local-Sats is a unique opportunity. It will facilitate optimization of the urban development processes for a better understanding of climate change effects and forthcoming socio-economic evolutions in the local area of Spain and the entire Mediterranean Basin.