Greater Irbid Municipality - Jordan


Address: Greater Irbid Municipality- Irbid- Jordan, P.O.Box 49

Tel: 0096227242225



Greater Irbid Municipality (GIM) is located in the northern part of Jordan, about 85 km from Amman city. Irbid city itself is considered the center of the northern governorates (Mafraq, Ajloun, Jerash and Irbid). The Area of GIM is about 420 sq. km with a population of approximately 650,000. GIM is comprised of 23 divisions, each of which has its own administrative team. 

Some of the main objectives of Greater Irbid Municipality include the following actions: town planning and streets, building permits, public markets, crafts and industries, parks, precautions to flooding, disaster relief, cultural institutions and sports, slaughterhouses, vegetable market  (monitoring food), sewer, solid waste management, graves, prevention of hazards, demolition of dilapidated buildings, control weights and measures, and disposal of municipal funds.

Role and Involvement in the Project

Greater Irbid Municipality has built and maintained a database in the field of Geographic Information System since 2001. Therefore, it has a long experience in organizing specialized training workshops and sharing local experiences with other relevant authorities. Being a partner of Local-Sats, GIM will have the opportunity to gain more experience in the field of GIS through the exchange of experiences, practices and information.