Local Councils' Association - Malta

Address: Local Government Road, Marsa Industrial Estate Marsa, Malta

Tel: (+356) 25968000

Email: lca@lca.org.mt

Website: www.lca.org.mt

Local Government Association was established in 1994 through the issue of specific Regulations entitled as Local Councils (Association) Regulations, 1994. According to these, the Local Government Association represents all the Local Councils with the aim of protecting and promoting the common interests of all the Local Councils and to represent, solely for the purposes of these regulations, all Local Councils in Malta and overseas, and on international associations of local government authorities.

The aims of the Association also include those of protecting and promoting the common interests of Local Councils as well as offering consultancy services and training on its own initiatives and in conjunction with any other Councils. The Association is a juridical body having a distinct legal personality. Today, it represents all 68 Local Councils in Malta and Gozo.

Role and Involvement in the Project

The Local Government Association aims at managing, developing and implementing the best practices of geospatial applications in the Maltese Islands. It shall ensure project visibility and dissemination of project achievements to the target groups through the organization of workshops and Info-day events.

Local-Sats project is very important for the Local Government Association, as this will facilitate local development and sustainability of cities and territories in Malta through cooperation and exchange of good practices and experiences among participant countries in the field of local governance and geotechnologies.