National Council for Scientific Research - Lebanon, CNRS-L - Lebanon


Address: National Council for Scientific Research, CNRS 59, Zahia, Salman street, Jnah. P.O. Box 11-8281, Beirut, Lebanon.

Tel: +961 1 850125



National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) is a public institution, established in 1962, which aims at formulating national science and technology policy, initiating, guiding, supporting and conducting scientific research programs and activities in Lebanon. CNRS provides advice to the Government in scientific and technology related issues. Extensive research is carried out by its four specialized centers, and many of its projects have made a real impact on the socio-economic development of the country. 

The Center of Remote Sensing (CRS) was established in 1995. As part of CNRS, the Center has proved to be an important institution for decision makers in matters, such as environmental resources and degradation (e.g. landuse, water, soil, quarries, forestry). CRS provides monitoring services to many fields such as agriculture, geohazards, desertification, forest fires, coastal pollution and floods. It has created and maintained a national geodatabase to secure important basic information on various sectors, and it can produce and provide thematic maps as well as staff training for the public agencies on Remote sensing and GIS applications.

Role and Involvement in the Project

CNRS is the Work Package-4 leader and is responsible for coordinating activities for the gap and best practices analysis. Activities will involve investigation of the situation in the Mediterranean region, identification of common problems and best practices and design of indicators for the geospatial applications.

Evaluation of the use of geospatial information in local governance in Lebanon has not yet been carried out. Therefore, participation in the Local-Sats project will provide important information about strengths and weaknesses, experiences and best practices and all tools needed to ensure sustainable management of natural resources.

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