Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning and Development S.A. - Creece


Address: El. Venizelou 38 & Solomou, 26333, Patras, Greece

Tel: (+30) 2610361756



Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning & Development (ADEP S.A.) is the main development company of the Municipality of Patras and is located in the city of Patras, capital of Region of Western Greece. The company employees highly qualified personnel with various skills who deal with a wide range of activities and also it cooperates with external experts on a stable as well as ad hoc basis.

ADEP S.A. has been the main consulting mechanism for most of the city large scale development projects for years (e.g. foundation and operation of the Recycling Centre of Western Greece, elaboration of the study on Patras Craft Park, upgrading the quality of life of the old part of the city Patras, implementation of Patras URBAN initiative, environmental training programs for pupils since 1994 etc.). During the last Community Support Framework period (2007-2013), the company has been a lot more empowered through the development of National projects but also EU funded projects. ADEP S.A is highly committed to quality services and procedures and several initiatives have been undertaken to safeguard this priority (e.g. adjustment to ISO 9001 standards, compliance with new national quality standards for companies dealing with National projects, regular training courses etc.).

Role and Involvement in the Project

ADEP S.A. is involved in the implementation of several activities and tasks that have been appropriately structured in Working Packages within the overall development of ‘Local-Sats’ project. With the exception of WP1 and WP2 which are dedicated to Project Management and Communication Activities, ADEP S.A. is involved in Tasks 4.2 and 4.3 that aim at identifying common problems in Mediterranean region in local/regional level and the related best practices. In addition, ADEP S.A. is involved in Task 3.1 which is linked to the capitalization of experiences, and Task 3.2 which is associated with the project Sustainability Strategy, according to which all project results will be transferred in the political level and diffused to specific target groups. Finally, ADEP S.A. is involved in Tasks 5.1 and 5.2 which are focused on the implementation of case studies and common procurements based on geospatial technologies and inter-cooperation in Mediterranean space.

The participation of ADEP S.A. in Local-Sats project is very important as it will enrich the existing knowledge and experiences of Patras within the Municipality regarding the Geographical Information Systems development and exploitation of Geospatial Data for the improvement of public services and decision making processes in local level.

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