Union of Municipalities of Hermel - planning and local development agency - Lebanon


Address: Lebanon, Hermel, Near City Hall, 1st floor

Tel: 00961 70 940 592

Email: info@pdalebanon.org

Website: www.hermeldevelopment.org

Planning and Local Development Agency (PDA) emerges from Municipalities Union of Hermel – the provincial authority including the five municipalities of Hermel. PDA was established in 2010 and is a technical intermediary, executive and planning body, working on social and economic reinforcement of local development. PDA aims at investigating the actual conditions and local needs of the area in order to enhance local economy and attract investments. 

Role and Involvement in the Project

The PDA participation in local Sats will help to promote the local development and improve the governance processes and public services in Hermel through the exchange of experiences and best practices of geospatial applications.