Welcome To LocalSats

The overall objective of Local-Sats is to promote the local development and sustainability of cities and territories in the Mediterranean Basin through the exchange of experiences and best practices in the context of geospatial applications. In other words, one of the key goals of the project is to offer to local governments new and flexible tools and a whole suit of information that would enrich their decision-making process in the interest of the people living in the Mediterranean Basin.

The consortium of the project is composed of twelve partners from nine Mediterranean Countries: Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Palestine, Spain and Tunisia. Larnaca District Development Agency is the Lead Partner. The consortium composition provides for a broad, cross-border analysis, applicable to the whole Mediterranean Basin.

LocalSATS is based on the cooperation and the exchange of good practices and experiences among organizations that are quite prominent in the fields of environmental legislation and policy, local governance and geotechnologies. By evaluating the situation in the Mediterranean basin and by analyzing the most common problems and challenges, the project aspires to lead to the adoption of shared good practices in local governance aimed at local growth and environmental sustainability.

The final beneficiaries of Local-Sats are the citizens of the Mediterranean Sea, who are expected to benefit tremendously from the tangible results of the project. The positive impact will upgrade the overall quality of life through the improvement of governance and public services, which will be informed by geospatial data and applications. Regarding the estimated number of beneficiaries, we are talking about more than 3,000,000 people. To these we should add the individuals who will benefit by the exchange of good practices, by training cycles and by the project’s sustainability in time.

The project’s duration is 24 months. From late December 2013, through the end of 2015. The overall budget is 1,998,000 euro.

Results expected from LocalSATS project

  • The practical implementation of the project outcomes will contribute to the cross regional consensus on the use and services of geospatial technologies for citizens and local administrations through the execution of gap analysis, roadmap and performance indicators studies.
  • It is expected that good practices will be exchanged and joint pilot initiatives on training and local capacity building will be developed by the local administrations and academic and technical partners.
  • Communication activities including presentation of the project in specialized workshops and dissemination activities to the general public and to end-users are expected to increase awareness.
  • The development and monitoring of impact indicators will improve the governance processes through shared experiences.
  • A common proposal for good practices in geographic information management will be developed. This common geospatial paradigm is expected to provide the framework for the delivering of quality services to the citizens by the public administrations.
  • Successful and great diffusion of the project achievements and successful dissemination and technology transfer to targeted organizations will be achieved through the organization of conferences and workshops in the participating regions, multilingual web portal of the project and newsletters.
  • A cross-border network at basin level among cities, regional institutions, universities, NGOs, involved in local governance processes, sustainability and geospatial sciences that will work during and after the end of the project, incorporating new organizations interested in the project results and its update and feedback.