WP1 - Management and Coordination

Task 1.1 – Project Management

Daily project administration is aimed at streamlining the implementation activities of the project and includes maintenance of the project work plan, identification or required corrective actions and implementation of decisions of the project managerial bodies.

Task 1.2 – Financial Management. Audits

Financial administration is aimed at foreseeing that the following financial matters are taken care of 1) preparation of individual and united GFP forms; 2) rapid distribution of funding to the partners; 3) budget management, utilization and monitoring; 4) preparation of annual consortium consolidated financial statements; 5) establishment of Certification on Financial Statements procedure; 6) routinely consulting on eligible and non-eligible costs.

Task 1.3 – Consortium Meetings

Smooth organization and facilitation of the activities of the project will be achieved by planning consortium meetings well in advance. Meetings at which all partners will participate include the kick-off meeting, one mid-term meeting and a final conference.