WP2 - Communication

Task 2.1 – Communication Management

Initial actions involve the design of a communication plan that will join contents of communication (joint messages etc.) as well as joint visual elements (visual identity). A project webpage and web tools will be then implemented as a key communication tool of the project for the partners and the targeted groups. The project will be also present in the most popular social networks of internet.

Task 2.2 – Presentation of the Project in Specialized Workshops

Six specialized workshops for presenting the project will be organized by partners which combine exposition, discussion of workpackages results and the application of geospatial technologies in local/regional governance processes with representative examples.

Task 2.3 – Dissemination Activities to General Public (Info Days)

Each member will disseminate to its networks the project achievements and aim to achieve also multiplier effect among them. Internet based applications for distribution of geo-services from local-regional administrations to final users are expected to render a proactive policy that will allow a clear improvement of governance processes at local level.

Task 2.4 – Dissemination Activities to End-Users

Technical departments from the partnership will organize training courses and seminars for target groups as public organizations and involved stakeholders. It is imperative that these organizations understand the vision and aim of the project in order to apply correctly the project achievements and to ensure the sustainability of the project after its lifetime.