WP5 - Implementation of Case Studies

Task 5.1 – Implementation of Case Studies for Inter-Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange in the Participating Municipal/ Regions

Joint pilot initiatives will be suggested for each participating country that involve all partnerships from local and regional administrations, NGOs, universities and research institutes. Depending of each organization, resources can be proposed for example studies for local geodatabases improvement, GIS solutions for urban planning, water management, etc.

Task 5.2 – Implementation of Common Procurements for Improving the Governance Processes with Geospatial Technologies

A knowledge and decision support based system will be developed, where objective geospatial technology and scientific indicators will be the element for policies design, for measuring progress and for the assessment of environmental sustainability policies for local and regional governments.

Task 5.3 – Indicators Measurements and Analysis

Previous compiled indicators of the first measurement of the application of geospatial technologies in the local governance processes will be compared with another measurement after the exchange of good practices, experiences and information and its application to the case studies.